Attendee Information


Here's some overall rules and info about how RVA Hackathon works.


You'll be given a badge when you register. Please keep it clipped on at all times when you're in the facility. It helps people know who you are and lets us know that you're an attendee.


Corrugated Box is graciously allowing us to use their beautiful space for RVA Hackathon. We are restricting access to just the public areas, including the downstairs lobby, upstairs lobby, kitchen, bathrooms, large conference room, small conference room and main event floor.


There are no non-registered guests allowed at RVA Hackathon.


There will be coffee, water, soda, Red Bull, cookies, fruit and other snacks provided throughout the event in the kitchen.


Give us something to listen to! Here's the link to a Spotify playlist you can add music to so we're all on the same soundtrack (you'll have to have Spotify installed to view and play.) Oh, and don't forget your headphones.

Building Access

RVA Hackathon is not a lock-in, meaning you can come and go as you please. We will be providing door access information at the start of the event including which doors you may use, where to smoke, etc.


There is plenty of street parking around Corrugated Box but if you can't get a spot there is a parking lot owned by the building that you can park in for the event on the corner of 7th and Bainbridge Street (about a block away.) Please do not park in the reserved spaces behind the building.


While many of us will try to make it through the night we realize that we won't all be successful. We'll have a designated crash room that will be a no-lights, no-noise environment for people to sleep in. Feel free to bring a sleeping bag.

Policy On Networking, Recruiting, Etc.

RVA Hackathon is an event for developers and designers to make things. It is not a networking opportunity, a place to recruit talent or a way to find a team to work on your idea. If you are signed up with any of those intentions, please let me know so I can cancel your registration. You're more than welcome to hang out with us and see what we made at The Camel on Saturday night after the hackathon is over (see here for more details.)


If you have questions or need help during the hackathon find a Mobelux employee. We'll have special badges with a bright orange Mobelux logo on them, so we should be easy to find. You can also send an email to and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.


First day of the hackathon.

Eat First!

The only meal you'll be on the hook for is dinner on Friday night. There's a few options but *please* don't forget to eat. You'll need the energy. There's a few good options in Manchester if you don't get a chance to eat beforehand:

  1. Walk down to Legends and enjoy the deck
  2. Eat at Dogtown Market, which is built in to the building and open until 10 PM.


Registration will be from 5 PM to 7 PM on Friday. You'll be given your official RVA Hackathon glass to drink out of during the event and a token that you'll need to keep in order to get lunch on Saturday (seriously, don't lose it!)


Presentations start at 7 PM sharp. They need to be short and sweet (2 to 3 minutes long) since we may have quite a few to get through. Giving a presentation before the event begins will allow you to announce what you're working on and if you're looking for teammates. Be specific. If you're looking for a designer, say it! Since RVA Hackathon is organic there may be folks with very specific skills that can roam between teams so speak up if you need help. Also, we want to know what you're doing! This event is about community and shared knowledge, so don't be afraid to share.

You can sign up to present before the event here. (This form will be active during registration as well if you change your mind.)

Collaborative Space

There will be two spaces for collaborative work; a small conference room and a large conference room. Both areas are outfitted with whiteboards so feel free to use them. These spaces are also a great place to have discussions away from the main floor that might disrupt others that are in the zone. Time slots are offered in half-hour increments. Enter your name or team name into the cell that corresponds with the time that you's like to book. Please don't erase someone elses' times. Use only the time you need and be respectful when it's your turn to hand over your spot by wiping down the boards.

Sign up for a time slot here.


Final day of the hackathon.


There will be bagels, fruit and coffee available starting around 7 AM. We'll have Lamplighter on-site in the kitchen offering pourovers throughout the morning. If you like good coffee, you definitely do not want to miss this.


Nate's Taco Truck will be in the parking lot behind the building for lunch offering tacos, of course! You'll have to hand over your token that you received during registration to get your lunch so again, don't lose it!

Afterparty & Presentations

RVA Hackathon work will end at 7 PM sharp on Saturday. At that time we'll ask everyone to head on over to The Camel, where they'll be serving Heavy Hors d'oeuvres and drinks for the afterparty. Before you leave Corrugated Box you'll be handed a token that you can use there to get a free drink on us for coming.

Before the wrap up you'll want to sign up to present at the afterparty. There are a few rules surrounding presentations that you need to be aware of so we can get through all of them:

  1. Presentations should only be 2 to 3 minutes long. We will totally play the "wrap it up" music on you.
  2. All web projects must be hosted externally (on Heroku, Rackspace, etc) or we won't be able to show your app. It would simply take too long to hook up / unhook all those laptops.
  3. iOS projects can be shown by plugging right into the projector if you'd like.
  4. If you have slides you must get them to the designated folder provided by 6 PM on Saturday (more on that during the event.)

You can sign up to present at the afterparty here. (This form will be live until 7 PM on Saturday.) Again, we really want to see what you made, so please share!